With opera as our greatest teacher

Houston Grand Opera’s learning programs engage minds of all ages, from young students curious about opera to lifelong learners wanting to immerse themselves in the arts.
early childhood & elementary

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Pre-K – 2
Storybook Opera
Sep. 1 -Jul. 31
middle & high school

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Grades 9-12
Opera Club
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Grades 9-12
Bauer Family High School Voice Studio

Working professionals
Professional Development Workshops
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Enthusiasts of all ages
Opera Insights
Oct. 20 -May. 12
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Adult Opera Enthusiasts
Public Programs

Sarah and ernest butler hGo studio

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HGO’s revered Butler Studio provides emerging opera professionals with the opportunity to study, perform, and begin their opera careers under world-class teachers and faculty.

educator resources

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Bring the opera into your place of learning through engaging programs and performances that cultivate the arts for children of all ages, as well as learning guides and study materials tailored for any curriculum.