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Butler Studio members commit themselves to an intense, individualized study program while in residence in Houston from late August through May. Because the training process is progressive and each member’s artistic development is unique, the program allows artists to continue their training over a two-to-three-year period. All training is provided free of charge.

The core of each Butler Studio member’s training
Additional sessions with field experts

Performance Opportunities

Butler Studio artists receive the opportunity to learn major roles, expand repertoire, and demonstrate individual abilities. Mainstage performance exposure enables Butler Studio artists to work with world-renowned artists, directors, and conductors, and have their work reviewed individually by local, national, and international press. Butler Studio artists are assigned supporting roles in HGO's mainstage productions. Given HGO's commitment to commissioning and producing new works, Butler Studio artists are also given opportunities to create new roles and premiere new pieces.

Additional Performance Experiences

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Applications open August 1, 2023

Submitting an online application through YAP Tracker is the first step towards joining the Butler Studio.

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There is no fee required to apply to the Butler Studio this season, however your application must include the following additional requirements.

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