The Cast of El Milagro on Their Favorite Holiday Traditions




Christmastime is definitely my favorite time of the year because I get to reconnect with my family. The career I’ve chosen demands being on the road all year long, and I’ve been lucky enough to have time to go visit my family every Christmas. We usually have posadas some days before Christmas Eve, and we always have tamales, buñuelos, and ponche after.




My family is well known for our tamales. We used to be tamaleras. We would sell thousands of tamales out of my mother's kitchen in First Ward every year to people like the mayor, court house workers, construction workers, and warehouse workers. There were times when we couldn’t even exchange gifts during Christmas because we were too busy making tamales for the shop. The whole year I look forward to the holidays. 




When I was very little, nearly every Christmas trip to my father’s hometown of Córdoba, Veracruz, included a pastorela and posada. My first role was actually the first time I remember having to learn and recite lines as an actor. This was long before I decided to pursue a career in opera. I really believe these cherished memories helped prepare me to sing the role of Father Matías in the beautiful story of El Milagro del Recuerdo.




Food is an important part of any Latino family’s holiday observances, and our family is no exception. Tamales have always played a central role in our holiday menu, so we get together for the holidays every year and teach people the ins and outs of tamale making. We always try to invite friends from all the different parts of our family’s life. ¡Viva la tamalada!