Do You Know The Flying Dutchman

How well do you know The Flying Dutchman? Maybe you are a Wagner fan with extensive knowledge about his operas. Or perhaps you are an opera newbie who simply loves a good pirate story. Put your knowledge of The Flying Dutchman to the test by taking the quiz below.


1. Wagner got the inspiration for The Flying Dutchman while on a sea voyage.
a. True
b. False


2. The Dutchman was cursed to sail the oceans until Doomsday because he did what?
a. Was unfaithful (a woman in every port)
b. Killed an albatross
c. In a storm at sea, swore he would round Cape Hope if it took all eternity
d. Engaged in piracy and attached a pilgrims' vessel


3. Why does the Dutchman go ashore in Norway?
a. Because he is allowed to go ashore once every seven years, and Norway is where he happens to be
b. To pray at a holy shrine
c. To find a legendary buried treasure
d. To find a captain who will replace him


4. What is the one thing that will lift the Dutchman's curse?
a. To find a replacement willing to take the curse on himself
b. The love of a faithful woman
c. To complete a heroic deed chosen by Njord, the Norse god of sailors
d. To give up all the riches he has amassed

5. What is the name of the main female character in The Flying Dutchman?
a. Anita
b. Senta
c. Marita
d. Lolita

6. The leading female character is visibly startled when she sees the Dutchman for the first time. Why?
a. He is extremely ugly
b. He looks exactly like her fiancé
c. She recognizes him from a portrait in her house
d. She realizes he is her long-lost twin brother

7. The Dutchman finds redemption in the opera.
a. True
b. False

8. A number of people, even into the 20th century, have claimed they saw a ghost ship like the Dutchman's. They probably witnessed a phenomenon called...
a. Fata Morgana
b. fire rainbows
c. waterspouts
d. nacreous clouds

9. When was Wagner's The Flying Dutchman first performed at the Wortham Theater Center?
a. 1998–99
b. 1984–85
c. 1965–66
d. 2018–19

10. What Hollywood movie was inspired by The Flying Dutchman?
a. All Is Lost
b. The Perfect Storm
c. Pirates of the Caribbean
d. Overboard
e. Captain Philips

To find out how you did, view the answers to the quiz here.

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