Unlocking Opera

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08:30 AM

Unlocking Opera

Wortham Theater Center
Rehearsal Room Gockley
510 Preston St, Houston, TX 77002
Stage door entrance (between Bagby and Smith Street)

Saturday February, 29 2020
8:30 AM to 12 PM

Admission: $25 per person (breakfast included)


Ever wonder why some sopranos sing Susanna in Mozart’s The Marriage of Figaro while others sing Brünnhilde in Wagner’s Ring?  They may both be soprano roles, but the type of soprano typically cast in each role are very different voices.  The German “Fach” system is a classification of voice types that breaks them down into more specific categories.  The differences in Fachs can range from the obvious to the much more subtle—but what is often a lot of fun is hearing singers cross Fach boundaries in creative casting.

Join HGO Dramaturg Jeremy Johnson for this program on the Fach system, to learn more about the “size,” “weight,” or “timbre” of different voice types.  He will be joined by HGO Artistic and Music Director Patrick Summers for a discussion on crossing Fachs in casting, as well as by artists of the HGO Studio for live examples of more subtle differences in voice types.  By the end of the day, you’ll have a better idea of how the Fach you would cast an opera!


To make a reservation you may also email donorservices@hgo.org or call 713-546-0263.

Space is limited.

Convenient self-parking is available at the Lyric Garage (440 Louisiana St.) on the corner of Preston and Smith. The entrance to the garage is on Smith Street.