The Eleanor McCollum Competition

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HGO’s Eleanor McCollum Competition and the Concert of Arias is both a beloved social event in Houston and a major date on the calendar of young singers across the US and abroad. Named for the late Eleanor Searle Whitney McCollum (1908 –2002), a patroness of the arts and medical organizations in Houston and benefactor of the HGO Studio, the competition celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2013. It commences in August each year with an online application process. Several hundred singers are selected and invited to preliminary auditions in cities across the US during November and December. Semi-finals and finals are held in Houston in late January and early February each year, culminating in a major gala, the Concert of Arias. Winning the competition does not guarantee a spot in the HGO Studio, and singers do not have to participate in the competition to be invited to the Studio, but the competition is nonetheless a crucial recruitment tool for the HGO Studio.

Past winners of the Eleanor McCollum Competition are listed below.

Year First Place Second Place Third Place Audience Choice Ana Maria Martínez Encouragement Award

Online Viewers' Choice

1989 Eric Perkins No other winners No other winners      
1990 Mark Oswald Bradley Garvin
Jennifer Jones
Roy Cornelius
No third place winner:
3-way tie for second place     
1991 Patricia S. Johnson Arturo Valencia Kelly Anderson      
1992 Mary Dunleavy Yvonne Gonzales Anita Krause      
1993 Margaret Lattimore Zheng Cao Olga Makarina      
1994 Ana María Martínez Alicia Berneche Stephanie Blythe      
1995 Helen Todd Gabriel González Juárez      Nicole Heaston Nicole Heaston    
1996 Monique McDonald Joyce DiDonato Misha Royzen Arturo Rodriguez    
1997 Karen Henrikson Alfred Walker III Jennifer Davison
Tiffany Jackson
Tiffany Jackson    
1998 Chen-Ye Yuan Alexandra Deshorties Troy Cook Chen-Ye Yuan    
1999 Michael Maniaci Kyle Ketelsen Twyla Robinson Kyle Ketelsen    
2000 Barbara Quintiliani Joshua Winograde Anna Christy Anna Christy    
2001 Janette Zilioli Kristine Winkler Katherine Rohrer Janette Zilioli    
2002 Laquita Mitchell Marjorie Owens Nicholas Phan Laquita Mitchell    
2003 Arturo Chacón-Cruz Jennifer Black Jennifer Root Arturo Chacón-Cruz    
2004 Heidi Stober Alexander Tall Kyle Albertson
Corey Bix
Alexander Tall    
2005 Tamara Wilson Jordan Bisch Ryan McKinny Liam Bonner    
2006 Maria Markina Alicia Gianni Cortez Mitchell Alicia Gianni    
2007 Faith Sherman James J. Kee Jamie Barton James J. Kee    
2008 Caitlin Lynch Joélle Harvey Octavio Moreno Caitlin Lynch    
2009 Rachel Willis-Sørensen      Catherine Martin Michael Sumuel
Jung Nan Yoon
Nathaniel Peake    
2010 Anthony Roth Costanzo Devon Guthrie Boris Dyakov Anthony Roth Costanzo    
2011 Mark Diamond Thomas Florio Lauren Snouffer Adam Lau    
2012 Andrea Carroll Natalya Romaniw Peixin Chen Andrea Carroll    
2013  Thomas Richards  Sydney Mancasola Sarah Larsen Sydney Mancasola    
2014 D'Ana Lombard Amanda Woodbury Sofia Selowsky Amanda Woodbury    
2015 Mane Galoyan Chris Bozeka Federico De Michelis Yongzhao Yu Yongzhao Yu  

Madison Leonard

Zoie Reams

Alexandra Razskazoff

Sol Jin

Yelena Dyachek

2017 Aryeh Nussbaum Cohen Nicolette Book Thomas Glass Siphokazi Moltena Siphokazi Moltena Geoffrey Hahn

Leia Lensing 

Dorothy Gal 

Lindsay Kate Brown Liv Redpath  Liv Redpath  Leia Lensing

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