• Ring Cycle-Planned Giving
Laureate Society

    Some of our friends name Houston Grand Opera Endowment in their plans and never let us thank them for their invaluable support. If you have included HGO Endowment in your plans, we hope that you will share this information with us so that we may celebrate your gift in your lifetime. Should you choose to remain anonymous we will respect those wishes. Details of your gift remain confidential.
  • Are you a member of Houston Grand Opera’s Laureate Society?
    If not, we invite you to join.

    They are:
    1. Community leaders and arts advocates who are on a mission through their philanthropy and passion to support in transformational ways, Houston Grand Opera.
    2. Accomplished individuals who represent a culture of shared attitudes, values, goals and the love of the art that characterize the very best of Houston Grand Opera.
    3. Individuals who share a collective confidence in this institution and give of themselves, their resources, and their vision to make a difference for HGO.
    4. Like-minded individuals who understand that an institution like HGO does not just get dropped into a community and thrive, they understand an investment of effort is required.
    5. An HGO Laureate Society member exemplifies a wonderful artful experience and shared vision.

    Houston Grand Opera honors those who have made gifts through bequests, trusts and other legacy gifts with membership in the Laureate Society. The generosity of each Laureate Society member ensures the continued vitality and growth of HGO from one generation to the next. They make an extraordinary, living gift to loved ones, future guests and to our community. If you have named HGO Endowment in your plans, you are already a member of the Laureate Society! Click here to view the list of current Laureate Society members. 

    Laureate Society members support Houston Grand Opera in various ways through legacy planning such as:

    • Bequest in a will
    • Charitable Remainder Trust
    • Charitable Lead Trust
    • Charitable Gift Annuity
    • IRA charitable beneficiary designation
    • Life Insurance policy charitable beneficiary designation
    • Donation of residential or agricultural real estate
    • Establishing an Endowed Fund to support a general or specific opera program

    What are the Benefits?
    In accordance to providing valuable support to Houston Grand Opera, there are often significant tax benefits that accompany legacy gifts. Depending on the type of gift, you may be able to take advantage of one or more of the following tax benefits:

    • Immediate income tax charitable deduction
    • Minimize recognition of capital gain
    • Minimize the imposition of the estate tax
    • Partially tax-free payments for life
    • Annual Laureate Society Events

    To discuss becoming a Laureate Society member or to get more information on legacy planning, please contact Richard Buffett at rbuffett@houstongrandopera.org or 713-546-0216.

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