1. When did the Campaign begin? When does it end?
      The Campaign began in August of 2007 and ends on December 31, 2014.

    2. What are the goals and priorities of the Campaign? 
      The goal of the Campaign is to raise $165 million over the next twenty-seven months. As of September 17, 2012, we have raised over $106 million.

      There are six primary priorities for the Campaign:
      • Artistic Excellence
      • HGO Studio
      • Relevance: HGOco
      • Affordability: NEXUS Initiative
      • The HGO Endowment 
      • Legacy Gifts

      Each of these priorities will help the company reach its vision of building the most innovative, inclusive, and transformative opera company in America. Click here to learn more about the Campaign Priorities.

    3. Why should I support HGO?
      Since HGO was founded in 1955, we have grown from a small regional company to one of the acknowledged international leaders in our art form—thanks to the extraordinary dedication of everyone in the HGO family who has invested time, treasure, and ideas in the company’s development.

      For over a decade, HGO’s annual operating budget has hovered around $20 million. Within that budget, we have achieved the highest possible artistic quality. But we’re not able to provide our work in the quantity our growing city demands. We’re not able to provide the transformative power of our art to the widest possible audience. To do that, we need to break through and increase our annual budget.

      Today we stand on the brink of the most brilliant and expansive period in the company’s history— and you have the opportunity to be a vital part of it. With your support, we will thrive into the twenty-first century, and will raise the funds needed to ensure the legacy of America’s finest opera company for future generations of Houstonians. 

    4. What will the success of the Campaign achieve?
      Inspiring Performance—The Campaign for Houston Grand Opera will achieve many things.
      • HGO will be a world leader in artistic excellence and innovation.
      • Audiences will be transformed and inspired by breathtaking new productions.
      • Thousands of children will experience music in their lives.
      • Tens of thousands of people will experience opera—many for the first time.
      • As a great arts organization, HGO will add to the luster and reputation of the city.
      • HGO will be strong and vibrant, able to serve our community now and in the future.