Bauer Family High School Voice Studio Application

APPLICATION DEADLINE: 5:00 pm March 13, 2020

In addition to filling out the form below, applicants must secure two (2) recommendations.

· One (1) must be from your high school choral or music teacher, or equivalent who can describe your musical, vocal and performance experience and personal motivation.

· One (1) must be from another professional who can describe your work or study ethic, ability to get along with others, and level of focus/personal motivation.

· Letters from family relatives (even if they are the primary teacher or employer) are not appropriate. If a family relative is the primary music teacher, please provide a letter from another professional musician or music teacher).

Please have Recommenders complete the linked form below and email it, along with letters of recommendation to HSVoice@hgo.org.

High School Voice Studio Recommendation Form

Name (as you would like it printed in press releases and programs) *
Voice Type*
Date of Birth*
Year in High School as of Sept. 1, 2020
Zip Code*
Email Address*
Phone Number*
Parent or Guardian Name*
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Additional Emergency Contact Name
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Name of High School*
School District
Primary HS Music Teacher Name*
Primary HS Music Teacher Phone Number*
Have you, or do you currently take private voice or instrumental lessons?
If instrument, which one?
Is your private music teacher the same as your HS Music Teacher?
If No, please list the name of your private music teacher
Please list up to 3 Vocal or Instrumental ensembles or productions you feel have been the most important in your educational and artistic development.  
Name of Ensemble or Production, School or Venue, Year of Participation, Solo Work Involved? *
Name of Ensemble or Production, School or Venue, Year of Participation, Solo Work Involved?
Name of Ensemble or Production, School or Venue, Year of Participation, Solo Work Involved?
List any scholastic, music or performance awards or other achievements received (award name, award given by, year)
In 300-350 words, describe: your musical journey, why you feel you would benefit from our program, and what you would contribute to the Bauer Family High School Voice Studio.
  Video submissions are required when submitting application.
  You must submit video links featuring two different selections in this application, along with information about each selection. Otherwise, your application will not be considered for the live audition on April 4, 2020.
Selection 1 (title, composer & librettist, language)
Selection 2 (title, composer & librettist, language)
Optional 3 (title, composer & librettist, language)
  Final round will be held April 4 at Houston Grand Opera. If chosen to move onto the final round, three selections will be required.
Is there anything else you would like us to know about you?