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Update about the 2020-21 Season

Amazing patrons and subscribers like you help us bring beautiful opera to the city of Houston. It is with a heavy heart we have announced the cancellation of all of the mainstage and Cullen Theater performances of the 2020–21 season, including the two productions of Breaking the Waves and Sound of Music in spring of 2021.

Like many nonprofits, HGO has been negatively impacted financially during the pandemic, having canceled its spring 2020 repertory and major fundraising events, in addition to the entirety of the 2020–21 season. Staging grand opera requires hundreds of artists, crew, and staff members for each performance. Social distancing, a key tactic in fighting the spread of COVID-19, makes presenting grand opera financially unviable in the coming months.

For your convenience, HGO patrons and subscribers who currently have tickets for the 2020–21 season will have their subscriptions moved to the 2021–22 season automatically. More information about the 2020–21 season and additional options can be found at For more information about your subscription, please email Customer Care at More information about the 2021–22 season will be announced in early 2021.  

In order to continue bringing you great art, we have envisioned a whole new digital season free of charge. For more information about the HGO Digital season, visit

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