Student Matinee:
La Bohème

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10:00 AM
10:00 AM

To purchase tickets online for your school, please log in or create an account before purchasing tickets and add your school to your account information. You can also reserve your seats by phone at 713-228-6737.

Grades 4-8

November 1, 2018
November 6, 2018

Time: 10:00 a.m. (2 hour version)
Location: Brown Theater, Wortham Theater Center
Price: All tickets $10, Title 1 schools receive 50% discount

Student Performances let you experience the drama and fun of live opera in the Wortham Theater Center. This is an unforgettable opportunity for students to see and hear the dazzling artistry of grand opera. Join us for the ultimate field trip!

Opera's greatest love story. Join the bohemian revolution in the heart of Paris as groups of artists live life to the fullest, make art, and fall in love. A chance encounter on a winter night changes everything for Mimì and Rodolfo, sending them into a deep, romantic whirlwind that brings audiences opera's most beloved love story—Puccini's La bohème.

Classroom preparation tools: Teachers will receive a curriculum-based study guide to help prepare students and teachers for the opera. Upon request, HGOco will provide a free presentation, led by an HGO docent, at your school.

Payment is needed prior to attending performances. Please book in advance to allow enough time to process according to your school district’s finance policies.