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Opera Club

What Is Opera Club?

Opera Club is a fun-filled, accessible way for teens in grades 9-12 to learn more about the world of opera. Opera Club. No experience with music is needed.

Each season, Opera Club provides exclusive access at no cost for teens to attend select HGO dress rehearsals where they'll join in on:

  • Intermission lectures
  • Q&As with industry professionals
  • Post-show backstage tours*

Opera Club is 100% free to attend for any interested teen. This year, Opera Club will attend the following dress rehearsals:

  • The Wreckers (October 25, 2022)**
  • El Milagro del Recuerdo (December 6, 2022)
  • Marriage of Figaro (January 11, 2023)
  • Tosca (April 18, 2022)
    • 6:30 Opera Club in the Brown Alcove, 7:30 Show

*Tours depend on our production staff's availability and are not guaranteed.

**Applicants must register by March 10, 2023 to attend the performance of Tosca on April 18, 2023.

Ready to join Opera Club? Fill out the application below or email for more information.


Experience a behind-the-scenes view of select HGO productions with HGO's Opera Club!

Experience a behind-the-scenes view of select HGO productions with HGO's Opera Club!

How Do I Join?

Fill out the application below and a member of our Community & Learning team will get in touch!*

*Please note that students must be in grades 9-12 and be in good academic standing to participate in Opera Club.

Applicants must register for Opera Club by March 10, 2023 to attend Tosca on April 18. Opera club members will be sent a link from Customer Care to register for up to two tickets to the dress rehearsal of Tosca.

2022-23 Opera Club Application

Please enter your parent or caregivers email address.

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You are the reason breathtaking opera exists today. You know the importance of art and its ability to change lives. And only through your support will HGO remain one of the world’s great homes for opera.


2022–23 Season Subscriptions

Subscribing to HGO is the most convenient way to experience all of our outstanding operas. A season subscription guarantees you the best seats at the lowest prices—savings of up to 55% over single-ticket buyers. Plus, you enjoy the ease of having your performances pre-scheduled, while still having ultimate flexibility when your plans change.

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