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Religare: Music

Religare: Music

A Five-Part Series Exploring Music Through Diverse Religious and Cultural Traditions. Every Tuesday in March - 6:00pm-7:00pm CST.

As part of Houston Grand Opera's Seeking the Human Initiative and the Institute for Spirituality and Health's Religare series, we bring you a month-long celebration of music and the human spirit.

Religare, “to bind” in Latin, is considered by some scholars to be the root for “religion.” In the Religare Series, we explore the many facets of religious traditions that help bind them together and to each other. Featuring elements such as prayer, music, food, architecture, and rituals, this series seeks to stimulate the audience’s understanding of the richness of religious traditions both familiar and new.

Religare: Music, a series unto itself, asks the question, “How does music stimulate the human spirit?” From Gregorian chanting to ancient Carnatic music, to the silence of contemplative practice, to hip-hop, to the works of Hildegard von Bingen - creative play with sound connects us with the transcendent mystery and to the deepest parts of human experience and emotion. Featuring locally and nationally recognized artists, Religare: Music will bring participants on a journey through rhythm, harmony, melody, lyrics, and silence, as we explore the nuances of music and how it has appeared across times and cultures.

These events will be held virtually via live-stream each Tuesday in March 2021, from 6:00 pm-7:00 pm CST, and will feature speakers, scholars, and musical performances from various religious and cultural traditions.
Episodes will be posted here the day after streaming.

Rhythm: March 2nd at 6 pm
Featuring KoumanKe'le' African Dance & Drum Ensemble, Calmecac Indigenous Organization, Kaminari Taiko, and Avner Dorman

Melody: March 9th at 6 pm
Featuring Anthony Brandt, Ph.D., Fatih Bayram, Chanticleer, and Pandit Suman Ghosh

Harmony: March 16th at 6 pm
Featuring Patrick Summers, Paolo Bordignon, and the Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church Choir

Lyrics: March 23rd at 6 pm
Featuring Anthony Pinn, Ph.D., Houston Rapper Bun B, Cantor Rollin Simmons, and Deborah “D.E.E.P.” Mouton

Silence: March 30th at 6 pm
Featuring Live Oak Friends Meeting, Jain Center of Houston

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