gounod: faust

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Production Rental - Faust
For inquiries on rental of productions, please contact:
Taylor Twohy
510 Preston St. Houston, TX 
Office: 713-546-0273
Fax: 713-236-1533

Gounod's Faust

Composer: Charles Gounod
Librettist: Jules Barbier and Michael Carre
Original Director: Francesca Zambello
Set Designer: Earl Staley
Costume Designer: Earl Staley - Costumes can be rented from Malabar, Ltd, Toronto
Lighting Designer: Ken Billington
Choreographer: N/A
Fight Director: Brian Byrnes
Production originated: 1985
Last performed: 2007

Chorus: 59 (M:30 W:29)
Principals: 8 (M:5 W:3)
Actors/Supers: 12 (M:8 W:4)
Dancers: N/A
Children: 8 (B:3 G:5)
On Stage musicians: N/A
Special effects: Pyrotechnics, Dry Ice
Run crew: 29 (C:11 P:6 E:10 S:2)
Build time: 14 Hrs
Version: Kalmus
Surtitles Available: N/A