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Board of Directors

Houston Grand Opera Board of Directors 2019–20


Janet Langford Carrig, Chairman of the Board; Houston Grand Opera Endowment, Inc. Senior Chairman
Lynn Wyatt, Vice Chairman of the Board
James W. Crownover, Senior Chairman of the Board

Members at Large

Judy Agee, HGOco Committee Chair
Richard E. Agee, Finance Committee Vice Chair
Thomas Ajamie
Robin Angly
John S. Arnoldy *
Christopher V. Bacon, Secretary; General Counsel
Philip A. Bahr
Michelle Beale, Governance Committee Chair
Judith B. Belanger
Astley Blair, Audit Committee Chair
Zane Carruth
Anna Catalano, Marketing and Communications Committee Chair
Albert Chao
Donna P. Josey Chapman
Mathilda Cochran, HGOco Committee Vice Chair
Mrs. Bobbie-Vee Cooney
Albert O. Cornelison Jr. *
Dan Domeracki *
David B. Duthu *
Frederic Dyen
Larry Faulkner *
Benjamin Fink
Michaela Greenan
Fred Griffin
Dr. Ellen R. Gritz, Studio and Training Committee Chair
Robert C. Hunter *, Audit Committee Vice Chair
Richard Husseini
José M. Ivo
Alfred W. Lasher III
Perryn Leech
Claire Liu, Finance Committee Chair
Gabriel Loperena, Development Committee Vice Chair
Richard A. Lydecker Jr.
Beth Madison *
Sara Morgan
Terrylin G. Neale, Houston Grand Opera Endowment, Inc. Emeritus Chairman
Ward Pennebaker
Cynthia Petrello
Gloria M. Portela
Matthew L. Ringel, Marketing and Communications Committee Vice Chair
Allyn Risley, Development Committee Chair
Kelly Brunetti Rose
Glen A. Rosenbaum
Jack A. Roth, M.D., Studio and Training Committee Vice Chair
Tom Rushing, Houston Grand Opera Endowment, Inc. Chairman
Manolo Sánchez
Harlan C. Stai
Patrick Summers
John G. Turner
De la Rey Venter
Alfredo Vilas
Margaret Alkek Williams

Frederica von Stade
Honorary Director

Samuel Ramey
Honorary Director

* Senior Director




Administration & Staff

Patrick Summers, Artistic and Music Director*
Margaret Alkek Williams Chair

Perryn Leech, Managing Director
Sarah and Ernest Butler Chair

Ana María Martínez, Artistic Advisor


Richard Bado, Director of Artistic Operations/Chorus Master*
Sarah and Ernest Butler Chorus Master Chair
Molly Dill, Producing Director*
Dale Edwards, Director of Marketing and Communications 
Carleen Graham, Director of HGOco
Deborah Hirsch, Senior Director of Development*
Gregory S. Robertson, Chief Advancement Officer*
Brian Speck, Director of HGO Studio
Lise Suino, Chief Financial Officer


Morgan Cluck, Executive Assistant to the Artistic and Music Director
Dawn Gillespie, Governance and Business Manager
Lisa Swain, Chief of Staff 


Ali Butler, Director of Finance
Luis Franco, Office Services Coordinator *
Denise Fruge, Accounts Payable Administrator *
Matt Gonzales, Database Administrator *
Debbie Loper, Payroll Administrator *
Delaiah Peavy, Human Resources Coordinator
Paul Joseph Serna, Network Administrator
Ken Vaughn, Director of Information Systems *
Melissa Williford, Director of Human Resources *


Shina Bharadwaja, Special Events Coordinator
Richard Buffett, Director of Major Gifts and Legacy Planning
Kelly Finn, Director of Development, Institutional Giving
LaKiesha Henderson, Operations Manager, Institutional Giving
Scott Ipsen, Director of Patron Services *
David Krohn, Director of Development, Individual Giving
Sarah Long, Development Officer
Kelly Nicholls, Director of Development, Acquisitions
Lindsey Peters, Associate Director of Special Events
John Philligin, Senior Development Officer
Brooke Rogers, Director of Special Events
Samantha Sheats, Development Officer
Denise Simon, Special Events Operations Manager *
Jim Townsend, Development Communications Manager
Jude Vaclavik, Development Officer, Institutional Giving
Natalie Wheeler, Development Officer, Acquisitions
Taylor Wilson, Prospect Researcher


Natalie Barron, Associate Director of Marketing and Communications
Rachel Block, Graphic Artist
Michelle Fernandez, Customer Care Manager
Itzel Garcia, Marketing and Promotions Coordinator
Kevin Kendrick, Videographer
Cynthia Lewis, Team Lead *
Joel Nott, Customer Care Center Coordinator
Will Oliason, Digital Marketing Manager
Tyme Powell, Social Media Coordinator
Daniel Renfrow, Editorial Manager
Andi Russell, Creative Manager
Emily Sitton, Marketing Manager

Ashley Bales, Senior Advancement Data Manager
Natalie Burrows, Director of Advancement Operations
Ariel Ehrman, Advancement Data Coordinator
M. Jane Orosco, Marketing Data Manager *
Nicole Sackllah, Development Operations Coordinator
Amber Sheppard, Operations Coordinator Individual Giving


Brian Mitchell, Archivist *


Alisa Magallón, Senior Education Manager
Hadia Mawlawi, Community Initiatives Manager
Meredith Morse, HGOco Operations Manager
Emily N. Wells, Senior Producing Manager


Richard S. Brown, Orchestra Personnel Manager *
Joel Goodloe, Company Manager
Carolyne Hall, Associate Company Manager
Daniel James, Music Administrator/Artistic Media Manager
Jeremy Johnson, Dramaturg
Kirill Kuzmin, Assistant Conductor
Mark C. Lear, Associate Artistic Administrator *
Geoffrey Loff, Assistant Conductor
Joshua Luty, Music Librarian
Peter Pasztor, Principal Coach *
Karen Reeves, Children's Chorus Director *


Kristen E. Burke, Production Manager *
Katherine M. Carter, Assistant Director
Roger Chapman, Assistant Technical Director
Michael James Clark, Lighting Supervisor *
Norma Cortez, Head of Costumes *
Esmeralda De Leon, Costume Coordinator
Joseph Farley, Assistant Technical Director
E. Reed Fisher, Assistant Director
Andreas Hager, Assistant Director
Joshua Horowitz, Assistant Director
Clair Hummel, Costume Coordinator
Nara Lesser, Costume Production Assistant
Melissa McClung, Technical and Production Administrator
Joshua C. McIntosh, Technical and Safety Director
Luisa Medrano, Costume Technician
Megan, Properties Design Director *
Dotti Staker, Wig and Makeup Department Head *
Paully Lea Tran, First Hand
Myrna Vallejo, Costume Shop Supervisor *


Jamie Gelfand, Studio Manager
To view the full list of HGO Studio Faculty, click here.

*denotes 10 or more years of service



2019–20 Houston Grand Opera Orchestra 

Patrick Summers, Artistic and Music Director
Margaret Alkek Williams Chair


Denise Tarrant*, Concertmaster
Vacant, Assistant Concertmaster
Natalie Gaynor*, Principal, Second Violin
Carrie Kauk*, Assistant Principal Second Violin
Hae-a Lee-Barnes*
Miriam Belyatsky*
Anabel Detrick*
Rasa Kalesnykaite*
Chavdar Parashkevov*
Mary Reed*
Erica Robinson*
Linda Sanders*
Oleg Sulyga*
Sylvia VerMeulen*
Melissa Williams*


Eliseo Rene Salazar*, Principal
Lorento Golofeev*, Assistant Principal
Gayle Garcia-Shepard*
Erika Lawson*
Suzanne LeFevre*
Dawson White*


Barrett Sills*, Principal
Erika Johnson*, Assistant Principal
Ariana Nelson*
Wendy Smith-Butler*
Steven Wiggs*

Double Bass

Dennis Whittaker*, Principal
Erik Gronfor*, Assistant Principal
Carla Clark*


Vacant, Principal
Henry Williford*


Elizabeth Priestly Siffert*, Principal
Mayu Isom*


Sean Krissman*, Principal
Eric Chi*




Amanda Swain*, Principal
Michael Allard*

French Horn

Sarah Cranston*, Principal
Kimberly Penrod Minson*, Second Horn
Spencer Park*


Tetsuya Lawson*, Principal
Randal Adams*


Thomas Hulten*, Principal
Mark Holley*

Bass Trombone

Kyle Gordon †


Mark Barton*, Principal


Joan Eidman*, Principal


Alison Chang*, Principal


Richard Brown*, Principal

Orchestra Personnel Manager

Richard Brown*


† - On Leave








For audition information, please visit our Employment and Auditions page.



2019-20 Houston Grand Opera Chorus 

Richard Bado, Chorus Master
The Sarah and Ernest Butler Chorus Master

Nathan Abbott
Geordie Alexander
Dennis Arrowsmith
Cody Arthur
Stephen Ash
Sarah A. Bannon
Zachary Barba
Megan Berti
G. Leslie Biffle
Fredy Bonilla
Andrew Briggs
Andrew B Campbell
Christopher Childress
Patrick Contreras
Esteban Cordero
Sybil Elizabeth Crawford
Ann Scott Davis
Robert Dee
Callie Jo Denbigh
Robert Dingman
Justin Dunkle
Stacia Morgan Dunn
Ashley Duplechien
Peter Farley
Don Figg
Ami Figg
Brian M. Gibbs
Dallas Gray
Suzanne Gregory
Nancy Hall
Sarah Jane Hardin
Marvin Henderson
Frankie Hickman
Julie Hoeltzel
Austin Hoeltzel
Jon Janacek
Camille Jasensky
James Jennings
Joe Key
David Kirkwood
Kirsten Lutz Koerner
Brianne Mathews
Wesley Landry
Sarah L. Lee
Amanda Levy


Katie Loff
Aarianna B. Longino
Britany Lovett
Melissa Lubecke
Lindsay Lymer
Sarah Lysiak
Alisa Magallon
Alejandro Magallón
Kathleen Manley
Heath Martin
Neal Martinez
Antonio Martinez
Norman Lee Mathews
Katherine McDaniel
Natasha Monette
Jeff Monette
Matthew Neumann
Iván Nodal
Casey Jones Parrish
Cristino Perez
Geoffrey Peterson
Abby Powell
Nicholas Rathgeb
Gabrielle Reed
Kendall Reimer
Tyler Resto
Hannah Roberts
Kathleen Ruhleder
Johnny Salvesen
Christina Scanlan
Valerie Serice
Paul Joseph Serna
Rodney Sharp II
Brian David Shircliffe
Kate Smith
Kade I. Smith
Kaitlyn Stavinoha
John Stevens
Lauren Vick
Elizabeth Vickers
Denise Ward
John Weinel
Ofelia Adame
Dalton Woody
Jennifer Wright







A supernumerary (or “super”) is a non-speaking, non-singing role in an opera, much like an extra in a film.

Houston Grand Opera regularly seeks adult and child supernumeraries for mainstage productions. If you are interested in being considered for supernumerary roles, please send a headshot or current photo, resume, and current height and weight to company@hgo.org.



Employee Portal

To access the Ascentis self-service page click here.