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Daily News

5.4 TheaterJones Performing Arts News

The Houston Grand Opera wraps up its four-year committment to Wagner's Ring Cycle with a Götterdämmerung for the ages.

5.1 Houstonia Magazine

Mozart’s classic work concludes the season on a high—and hilarious—note.

4.30 Dallas News

With Latinos nearing 40 percent of the population of Texas, arts organizations as well as politicians need to be cultivating new connections. The Museum of Fine Arts Houston and Houston Grand Opera are way ahead of their Dallas counterpoints in these initiatives. So, for that matter, are Fort Worth Opera and the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra.

4.29 Culture Map

What happens after the end of the world? A little farce with a few pirates, a gallant lover, a love-sick pasha, a pesky valet, a love-sick harem guard with a voice like the earth, a disenchanted maid, and a kidnapped beauty with a voice like the sky.

4.29 Houston Press

“Too many notes” was the purported response from Emperor Joseph I of Austria to genius Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart after the premiere of The Abduction from the Seraglio (1872). Quicksilver Mozart's purported reply was “Just as many as necessary.”

4.29 Texas Classical Review

Does loading The Abduction from the Seraglio onto the Orient Express accomplish much? Not that I can see.

4.26 Patheos

The gods we create can be destroyed, but there is no hope in mankind either. Whatever Richard Wagner intended, that is the message I found in Houston Grand Opera’s concluding opera in the Ring Cycle.

4.25 Paper City

The beloved Brookwood Community celebrated its biennial gala with “An Evening in the Gardens of Japan” theme that saw Houston Country Club transformed into an exquisite floral setting replete with cherry blossoms and shoji screens depicting Japanese landscapes.

4.25 Houston Public Media

A conversation with tenor Larry Brownlee about his upcoming role at Houston Grand Opera.


4.23 Houston Press

Without question, Houston Grand Opera's production of Wagner's tumultuous closing to his epic four-part Ring cycle, Götterdämmerung (Twilight of the Gods), is an unparalleled musical achievement. And by that, I mean from any opera house in the world.

4.23 Culture Map

Robert Frost couldn’t decide if the world would end in fire or ice. For Houston Grand Opera’s masterful production of Richard Wagner’s Götterdämmerung, fire, water, and one world-shattering voice more than suffice.

4.21 Houston Chronicle

This spring, a rare flock of visitors will descend upon the city, arriving, mostly by air, from all parts of the world. These seasonal guests have visited Houston in previous years about the same time of year, always gathering in large crowds.

4.20 Broadway World

Well, not literally. But with the conclusion of HGO's first Ring Cycle, it's a bit easier to understand why the enigmatic Richard Wagner's original wish was for all copies of the score - as well as the theater built to premiere the four-opera cycle - be destroyed by fire after the first performance.