Preparing for the Storybook Opera Visit 

  • The Storybook Opera artist arrives approximately 15 minutes prior to the first scheduled performance. 
  • The performance space should include a chair and should comfortably accommodate students on the floor. 
  • If a PowerPoint presentation is requested, the equipment (laptop, projector and screen) is to be provided by the school; the artists provides a flash drive with the appropriate PowerPoint file. A PowerPoint presentation is included in the fee, and is strongly encouraged for groups close to 50 students. 
  • A single Storybook Opera performance lasts approximately 25 minutes (35 minutes for a single Bilingual performance) . 
    • During the first 5 minutes, the artist begins the program by defining opera in a unique way, usually by comparing and contrasting opera with other art forms, and encouraging students to share their own definitions. 
    • Vocal demonstrations show what the classically trained voice can do, and how it is different from other styles of singing. Next, the artist performs a story; this part of the program lasts about 15 minutes. 
    • The remaining 5 minutes is used to teach simple musical concepts, conduct a group voice lesson or lead a question/answer discussion, depending on the grade level of the audience. 
  • The preschool curriculum includes performances of 2 books, with an engaging interactive musical demonstration in between.   

For Your Students

Teacher led discussions about opera are strongly encouraged prior to the visit. However, previewing the chosen book is not recommended; the element of surprise during the performance is very exciting for the children!  


  • English (one artist)  
    • $50 for 1 performance 
    • $75 for 2 performances 
    • $100 for 3 performance 
  • Bilingual (two artists)$75 for 1 performance 
    • $100 for 2 performances 
    • $125 for 3 performances 
  • Upon scheduling Storybook Opera, we will e-mail an invoice with the total amount. Payment is due 2 weeks prior to the scheduled performance(s).  
  • Mileage charges may apply. See mileage rates on for current mileage rate