Studio Faculty
  • Laura Canning, Director

    Eric Melear, Music Director
    Mr. and Mrs. Albert B. Alkek Chair   

    Amra Catovic, Studio Administrator

    Carlisle Floyd, Artistic Advisor

    Stephen King, Director of Vocal Instruction

    Patrick Summers, Conducting Instructor and Coach
    Margaret Alkek Williams Chair    

    Patrick Harvey, Vocal Coach 
    Mr. and Mrs. James A. Elkins, Jr. Endowed Chair    

    Peter Pasztor, Vocal Coach 
    Sponsored by Louisa Stude Sarofim  

    Bethany Self, Vocal Coach

    Brian Connelly, Piano Instructor

    Timothy Hester, Piano Instructor
    Sponsored by Mr. Patrick Carfizzi       

    Language Instructors for 2013-14

    Nicole Uhlig, French Instructor
    Sponsored by Jennifer Sickler    

    Enrica Vagliani Gray, Italian Instructor
    Sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Weill    

    Jonathan Ludwig, Russian Instructor

    Renate Saggau, German Instructor 
    Sponsored by Marsha L. Montemayor 

    Julie Muller, English Instructor

    Guest Coaches for 2013-14

    Martin Katz, Guest Coach
    Sponsored by Mr. Brian Hencey and Mr. Chuck Ross

    Warren Jones, Guest Coach
    James J. Drach Endowment Fund

    Kathleen Kelly, Guest Coach

    Marie-France Lefebvre, Guest Coach

    Louisa Muller, Drama Coach

    E. Loren Meeker, Showcase Director

    Pierre Vallet, Guest Coach
    The Evans Family Endowed Chair

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