Administration & Staff
  • Patrick Summers, Artistic and Music Director*
    Margaret Alkek Williams Chair

    Perryn Leech, Managing Director

    Gregory S. Robertson, Chief Advancement Officer 
    Sandra Bernhard, Director of HGOco  
    Laura Canning, Director, HGO Studio  
    Molly Dill, General Manager
    David Feheley, Technical and Production Director
    Mena Mark Hanna, Assistant Artistic Director
    Judith Kurnick, Director of Communications 

    Deborah Hirsch, Senior Director of Development  
    Steve Kelley, Director of Marketing  
    Bradley Moore, Head of Music Staff/Music Director HGO Studio
    Mr. and Mrs. Albert B. Alkek Chair
    Diane Zola, Director of Artistic Administration*

    James Byrne, Executive Assistant to the Office of the General Director
    Toni Capra, Governance and Business Manager
    Bob Lilly, Office of the General Director Administrative Assistant

    Maria J. Blake, Network Administrator*
    Henry Cantu III, Staff Accountant
    Luis Franco, Office Services Coordinator*
    Denise Fruge, Accounts Payable Administrator*
    Matt Gonzales, Database Administrator
    Debbie Loper, Payroll Administrator*
    Tanya Lovetro, Director of Finance
    Morgan Mathis, PM Receptionist
    Lydia Middents, Staff Accountant
    Jacob Millwee, AM Receptionist
    Ken Vaughn, Director of Information Systems*
    Lee Whatley, Director of Business Analytics*
    Melissa Williford, Director of Human Resources*

    Rudy Avelar, Director of Patron Services*
    Richard Buffett, Director of Major Gifts and Legacy Giving
    Kelly Finn, Director of Development, Institutional Giving
    Clare Greene, Associate Director of Special Events
    Scott Ipsen, Director of Special Events
    Eva Kanouse, Special Events Coordinator
    Rebecca Kier, Development Officer
    David Krohn, Development Officer
    Michelle Mariano, Development Communications Manager
    Denise Simon, Special Events Operations Manager
    Emily Schreiber, Development Officer
    Veronica Kannan, Development Officer
    Sarah Williams, Prospect and Research Manager

    Virginia Ashton, Senior Manager, Sales
    Kelly Buchanan, Marketing Manager
    Rebecca Koterwas, Manager of Sales and Audience Development
    Cynthia Lewis, Team Lead
    Luz Peregrino, Team Lead
    Samantha Storie, Customer Care Manager 
    Richard Wong, Director of Sales and Services*

    M. Jane Orosco, Marketing Data Manager*
    Joanna Torok, Director of Advancement Operations
    Dawn Gillespie, Development Operations Coordinator
    Robin Lewis, Development Data Manager

    Laura Chandler, Publications Director 
    Christine Lee, Communications Manager
    Amy Garcia, Creative Services Associate
    Pattima Singhalaka, Art Director
    Ashley Seals, Communications Coordinator

    Brian Mitchell, Archivist*

    Brittany Duncan, Programs Director
    Julie Hurley, Opera to Go! Stage Manager/Office Assistant
    Joy Hutton, HGOco Operations Manager
    Alisa Magallón, Touring and Ensembles Manager

    Richard Bado, Chorus Master*
    Marlan Barry, Recording Engineer
    Robert Boldin, Music Administrator
    Richard S. Brown, Orchestra Personnel Manager*
    Patrick Harvey, Associate Chorus Master/Assistant Conductor
    Paul Hopper, Artistic and Rehearsal Coordinator
    Danielle Kimball, Artistic and Rehearsal Coordinator
    Mark C. Lear, Associate Artistic Administrator*
    Lisa Oswald, Associate Company Manager
    Peter Pasztor, Associate Conductor*
    Karen Reeves, Children's Chorus Director*
    Bethany Self, Assistant Conductor
    Brian Speck, Company Manager
    Tim Tull, Music Librarian* 

    Philip Alfano, Lighting Associate
    Katrina Bachus, Assistant Director
    Bobby Baker, Assistant Carpenter
    Gregory Banfield, Assistant Electrician*
    Terri Batcheller, Assistant Electrician
    Kristen E. Burke, Production Stage Manager
    Sonia Henao, Technical Assistant, Driver
    Katherine Casalino, Wig and Makeup Assistant
    Michael Clark, Lighting Supervisor
    Andrew Cloud, Properties Associate*
    Norma Cortez, Head of Costumes*
    Jessica Creager, Lighting Associate
    Esmeralda DeLeon, Costume Coordinator
    Brandon Dismukes, Production Master Carpenter
    Meg Edwards, Assistant Stage Manager
    Mary Elsey, Assistant Stage Manager
    Zoltan Fabry, Master Propertyman*
    Megan, Properties Design Director*
    Mario Gutierrez, Chief of Security
    Ed Hamala, Assistant Carpenter, Head Flyman
    Debbie Harrington, Costume Shop Supervisor*
    Eduardo Hawkins, Head Soundman*
    Brad Kanouse, Associate Technical Director
    Susan Li, Assistant Director
    Marcie Lou, Technical and Production Administrator
    Shawna Lucey, Assistant Director
    Judy Malone-Stein, Wardrobe Coordinator
    Jessica L. Mullins, Stage Manager/Assistant Stage Manager
    Michael Mullins, Assistant Technical Director/HGOco Technical Director
    Albert Pike, Master Electrician*
    Liz Petley, Assistant Stage Manager
    Mercedes Ramirez, Costume Shop Technician
    Maria Luisa Salinas, Costume Shop Technician
    Louisa Muller, Assistant Director
    Dotti Staker, Wig and Makeup Department Head*
    Keturah Stickann, Assistant Director
    Christopher Staub, Stage Manager/Assistant Stage Manager
    Paully Lea Tran, Costume Shop Technician
    Myrna Vallejo, Costume Coordinator
    Annie Wheeler, Stage Manager/Assistant Stage Manager  

    Amra Catovic, Studio Administrator
    Stephen King, Director of Vocal Instruction
    The Harold Block and Janet Sims/Jill and Allyn Risley Chair
    Patrick Harvey, Resident Coach
    Mr. and Mrs. James A. Elkins Endowed Chair
    Peter Pasztor, Resident Coach
    Tara Faircloth, Drama Coach
    Brian Connelly, Piano Instructor
    Sponsored by Ursula and Saúl Balagura
    Timothy Hester, Piano Instructor
    Jordan de Souza, Vocal Coach
    Gerardo Felisatti, Vocal Coach
    David Hanlon, Vocal Coach
    Laurie Rogers, Vocal Coach
    Dr. Irene Spiegelman, German Diction Coach
    Christa Gaug, German Instructor
    Sponsored by Robert L. Turner in honor of John G. Turner and Jerry G. Fischer
    Enrica Vagliani Gray, Italian Instructor
    Sponsored by Marsha L. Montemayor
    Jonathan Ludwig, Russian Instructor
    Julie Muller, English Instructor
    Nicole Uhlig, French Instructor
    Sponsored by Jennifer Sickler
    Deborah Birnbaum, Guest Coach
    John Fisher, Guest Coach
    James J. Drach Endowed Chair
    Myra Huang, Guest Coach
    Laura Lee Blanton Studio Award through the Scurlock Foundation
    Eric Melear, Guest Coach
    Kevin Murphy, Guest Coach
    James Robinson, Showcase Director
    Pierre Vallet, Guest Coach
    Evans Family Endowed Chair


    *denotes 10 or more years of service


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September 16, 2014
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September 19, 2014
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Past the Checkpoints
September 20, 2014
4:00 PM
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October 2, 2014
7:00 PM
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