Residency Programs
  • Explore opera in imaginative and accessible ways with Residency Programs designed to fit the needs of your classroom or community. An HGOco Teaching Artist will fill each session with a variety of entertaining and educational activities. Residencies can be 6, 8, or 10 weeks long –prices depending on desired length. Successful Residency Programs of the past include:

    My Voice
    For groups of all ages
    Poets and writers from Writers in the Schools (WITS) help participants to “raise their voices” by writing poems on hard-to-discuss topics. UH composers set these words to music in original songs that are presented by Houston Grand Opera soloists and participants in a memorable culminating performance.

    Create an Opera
    For students
    Students write lyrics, compose music, and perform their own masterpiece based on a subject area or theme designated by the teacher.

    The Metaphor Project
    For groups of all ages
    Partcipants write metaphors based on their own life experiences. Professional composers then write original music based on these inspiring metaphors that participants will perform for parents and peers.

    Create your own!
    Enhance your classroom curriculum or community activities by creating a program that fits your specific needs! Give us a call at 713-546-0231 and we’ll brainstorm ideas and activities that work best for you.

    6-week residency – $500-$750
    8-week residency – $750-$1,000
    10-week residency – $1,000-$1,400

    For more information and to order please call 713-546-0231 or email HGOco@HoustonGrandOpera.org.

    • Create an Opera program at Kashmere Gardens
      Residency Programs

    • Create an Opera program at Kashmere Gardens
      Residency Programs

    • Create an Opera program at Kashmere Gardens
      Residency Programs
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