Mission, Vision, and Values
  • The Mission of Houston Grand Opera

    Houston Grand Opera exists to profoundly impact our community by creating operatic art that provides access to music's boundless power and beauty.

    The Vision of Houston Grand Opera

    Houston Grand Opera's vision is to build the most innovative, inclusive, and transformative opera company in America by establishing a financially sustainable work environment that attracts the world's greatest creative talents.

    The Core Values of Houston Grand Opera

    Through a sustainable business model, HGO will serve as a cultural ambassador of excellence, relevance, and affordability.

    • Excellence must be exemplified by every facet of our artistic and musical output and administration. It is only with an uncompromising commitment to excellence that we are able to create world-class performances, offer unparalleled training of young artists and arts administrators, and impact our community.
    • Relevance of an opera company in 21st-century America becomes increasingly challenging as our social landscape rapidly evolves. HGO will redefine the ways in which the company can best serve its audience while broadening our scope of activity to engage more communities. 
    • Affordability of our art form is vital as we serve within an unpredictable economic environment. The universal storytelling tradition of opera has an indescribably strong and unique ability to significantly impact people in innumerable ways. Cost must not prevent anyone from life-changing exposure to world-class art.


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