• Inspiring Performance—The Campaign for Houston Grand Opera is the largest fundraising campaign in the history of the performing arts in Houston.

    This seven-year comprehensive fundraising effort to raise at least $165 million is vital to HGO’s future. We seek to build the most innovative, inclusive, and transformative opera company in America. The campaign’s quiet phase began on August 1, 2007, and established a strong foundation. Inspiring Performance was announced publicly on September 17, 2012, and will end on December 31, 2014.

    Why this campaign? Why now? Houston is one of the country’s fastest-growing cities; our region has doubled in population in the last thirty years. The time has come for Houston Grand Opera to grow as well, to inspire more people, to bring great art to more lives, and to serve our city as only a great performing arts company can. We must grow to meet the demand.

    With your support, HGO will thrive and will raise the funds to ensure that America’s finest opera company continues to build its legacy for future generations.



  •  Patrick Summers - HS medium 
    Patrick Summers
    Artistic and Music Director
    Margaret Alkek Williams Chair

    Perryn Leech - HS medium 
    Perryn Leech
    Managing Director

  • Welcome to Inspiring Performance—The Campaign for Houston Grand Opera, the largest fundraising campaign in the history of the performing arts in Houston.

    Our goal? To raise $165 million or more by December 31, 2014.

    It’s a bold goal, in keeping with HGO’s bold vision.

    We stand on the brink of the most inspired period in HGO’s history. We have the people and the blueprint for a great twenty-first-century opera company—and you have the opportunity to be a crucial part of it.

    Your support of Inspiring Performance helps every aspect of HGO’s activities:

    • Wagner’s Ring. A uniquely personal experience of art.
    • New Productions and World Premieres. The lifeblood of a great opera company.
    • Core Productions. Great classic operas.
    • Great American Musicals. Our national musical heritage.
    • Holiday Operas. A new holiday tradition.
    • Discovery Operas. Masterpieces. Beyond the usual suspects.
    • HGO Studio. The next generation of opera stars.
    • HGOco. Company. Community. Collaboration.
    • NEXUS Initiative. It is time for opera to exist for everyone.
    • HGO Endowment. The only thing we leave for the future is what we create today.
    • Legacy. The gift you give to future generations of the HGO family.

    An opera company can never stand still. HGO must grow—to allow more people than ever before to experience our art. To impact more people in our dynamic, fast-growing city. To ensure that we continue to transform and inspire lives in the decades to come.

    HGO is Houston’s grand opera—committed to building an inspired future.

    How can you help? Read on.

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