• Campaign Progress 12-15-14
Relevance: HGOco
  • HGOco-Storybook
  • Goal: $11 million

    Company. Community. Collaboration.

    HGOco creates opportunities for artistic observation, participation, and creation for people of all ages and backgrounds. By using the resources of the entire company and collaborating with more than 100 partner organizations, HGOco changes the way people involve art in their lives.

    HGOco encompasses everything from student programs like Opera to Go! and the Student Performance Series to the Song of Houston program, which collaborates with organizations throughout our community to tell relevant stories of real Houstonians through words and music. Our goals for HGOco include expanding existing programs and creating an HGOco Lab as a training ground and incubator for composers and writers. 

    Through observation, participation, and creation, the power of our most diverse art form will transform lives and communities throughout Houston, connecting with many people for whom HGO has seemed irrelevant until now.