• Campaign Progress 12-15-14
Affordability: NEXUS Initiative
  • Nexus
  • Goal: $13 million

    It is time for opera to exist for everyone.

    The NEXUS Initiative is HGO’s key strategy for achieving its core goal of affordability. It has been a phenomenal success over its first five years, with thousands of operagoers at last able to enjoy our work without the barrier of cost. Through NEXUS, tickets are underwritten for performances at the Wortham Theater Center, the Student Performance Series, and free performances at Miller Outdoor Theatre.

    The initiative also supports national broadcasts of HGO productions on the WFMT American Opera Companies Series. It is vitally important that we continue this critical program to ensure that cost is no barrier to people’s ability to experience our work. 

    Supporting the NEXUS Initiative means hundreds of thousands of people will be able to experience the inspiring power of great opera. Cost will be removed as a barrier to experiencing opera at HGO.