Cecilia  Duarte

Mezzo-soprano (Mexico)

HGO Appearances: Renata in To Cross the Face of the Moon (2011 tour to Théâtre du Châtelet, 2010), member of the HGO Chorus for six seasons, mezzo-soprano with Opera to Go! for three years, Gracie in A Way Home (2010 world premiere at HGO and fully staged production with Opera Southwest, Albuquerque).

About the Artist:

Cecilia Duarte is a native of Chihuahua, Mexico. Besides her work for HGOco and Opera to Go!, she has also participated in musical theater productions in Mexico with composer and director Alberto Espino, performing leading roles in several of his world premieres. She lives in Houston, where she performs and collaborates with various ensembles and composers of the area.


Cecilia Duarte es originaria de Chihuahua, México. Además de su trabajo para HGOco y Opera to Go!, también ha participado en producciones teatrales en México con el compositor y director Alberto Espino, ocupando papeles protagónicos en varios de sus estrenos mundiales. Ella radica en Houston donde actúa y colabora con varias agrupaciones y compositores locales.