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About Houston Grand Opera

Since its inception in 1955, Houston Grand Opera has grown from a small regional organization into an internationally renowned opera company. HGO enjoys a reputation for commissioning and producing new works, including 56 world premieres and seven American premieres since 1973. In addition to producing and performing world-class opera, HGO contributes to the cultural enrichment of Houston and the nation through a diverse and innovative program of performances, community events, and education projects that reaches the widest possible public. HGO has toured extensively, including trips to Europe and Asia, and it is the only opera company to have won a Tony, two Grammy awards, and two Emmy awards.

Mission, Vision & Values

The Mission of Houston Grand Opera

Houston Grand Opera exists to profoundly impact our community by creating operatic art that provides access to music's boundless power and beauty.

The Vision of Houston Grand Opera

Houston Grand Opera's vision is to build the most innovative, inclusive, and transformative opera company in America by establishing a financially sustainable work environment that attracts the world's greatest creative talents.

The Core Values of Houston Grand Opera

Through a sustainable business model, HGO will serve as a cultural ambassador of excellence, relevance, and affordability.

  • Excellence must be exemplified by every facet of our artistic and musical output and administration. It is only with an uncompromising commitment to excellence that we are able to create world-class performances, offer unparalleled training of young artists and arts administrators, and impact our community.
  • Relevance of an opera company in 21st-century America becomes increasingly challenging as our social landscape rapidly evolves. HGO will redefine the ways in which the company can best serve its audience while broadening our scope of activity to engage more communities.
  • Affordability of our art form is vital as we serve within an unpredictable economic environment. The universal storytelling tradition of opera has an indescribably strong and unique ability to significantly impact people in innumerable ways. Cost must not prevent anyone from life-changing exposure to world-class art.

History of HGO 

Houston Grand Opera (HGO) was founded in 1955 through the joint efforts of Maestro Walter Herbert and cultural leaders Mrs. Louis G. Lobit, Edward Bing, and Charles Cockrell. From its modest beginnings—HGO’s inaugural season featured a mere two performances of two operas, Salome and Madame Butterfly— HGO has grown into a company of international stature.

HGO's mission is to contribute to the cultural enrichment of Houston and the nation by producing and performing world-class opera, and by creating a diverse, innovative, and balanced program of performances, events, and community and education projects that reach the widest possible public. Its core values are excellence, relevance, and affordability. One of the country’s principal commissioners and producers of new works, HGO has introduced 56 world premieres and seven American premieres since 1973. These range from the first American staging of Handel’sRinaldo (1975), with Marilyn Horne in the title role, to world premiere productions of such contemporary classics as Bernstein’s A Quiet Place (1983), John Adams’s Nixon in China (1987), Mark Adamo’s Little Women  (1998), and the American premieres of Weinberg’s The Passenger (2014) and Philip Glass’s Akhnaten (1984). HGO’s most recent world premieres include Jake Heggie’s Three Decembers (2008), André Previn’s Brief Encounter (2009), José “Pepe” Martínez’s Cruzar la Cara de la Luna (2010), Ricky Ian Gordon’s A Coffin in Egypt (2014), and Iain Bell’s A Christmas Carol (2014), all of which were commissioned by the company. HGO has received a Tony Award, two Grammy Awards, and two Emmy Awards and is the only opera company in the world to have won all three honors.

Company Foundation
The HGO Association has 157 members: a 47-member board of directors, two honorary directors, and 154 trustees. The HGO Board of Directors meets four times, and the trustees meet three times each year. The Opera employs over 900 people annually, of which 117 are full-time staff.  On May 25, 2011, the board of directors appointed Patrick Summers as artistic and music director, occupying the Margaret Alkek Williams Chair. At the same time, Perryn Leech was named managing director. They succeeded Anthony Freud, OBE, the company’s general director from 2005 to 2011, who resigned at the end of the 2010-11 season to assume leadership of Lyric Opera of Chicago.

The permanent artistic foundation of HGO rests on three pillars: the HGO Orchestra, HGO Chorus, and HGO Studio. During Patrick Summers’s tenure with the company, the HGO Orchestra has reached a new level of virtuosity, adding many great masterworks to its repertoire. The HGO Chorus, which was created at the same time as HGO itself in 1955, has become one of the world’s most acclaimed opera choruses under the direction of Chorus Master Richard Bado, who holds the Sarah and Ernest Butler Chorus Master Chair.

HGO Studio
Founded in 1977 by composer Carlisle Floyd and HGO’s then-general director, David Gockley, the Houston Grand Opera Studio provides career development for young artists who have demonstrated potential to make major contributions to the opera/musical theater profession. The Studio’s goal is to develop well-rounded professionals prepared for all performance aspects in the fields of opera and music theater and in all genres: traditional European operas, contemporary opera and works of musical theater by American composers from diverse cultural backgrounds, innovative interpretations of the standard repertoire, recitals, concerts with orchestra, and fully staged productions.

To re-establish the company’s relevance to the community, in 2007 HGO established HGOco, a far-reaching initiative established to break down barriers to the arts by offering opportunities for observation, participation, and creation. The “co” in HGOco represents a focus on company, community, connection, and collaboration. Maximizing the resources of the entire company (staff, chorus, orchestra, designers, technicians, guest artists, etc.) and collaborating with kindred organizations, HGOco seeks to change the way people involve art in their lives. These efforts include all of HGO’s education and community-engaging activities. Since 2007, HGOco has commissioned 16 new works and three song cycles and has conducted innovative community projects reaching more than one million people in the Greater Houston metropolitan area

Song of Houston is an ongoing initiative within HGOco that creates new works based on stories that define the unique character of Houston. Notable Song of Houston projects include 2007’s The Refuge, a groundbreaking musical tapestry of immigrant stories from various Houston communities; 2010’s Cruzar la Cara de la Luna / To Cross the Face of the Moon, the world’s first mariachi opera; and East + West (2010-14), a four-year series of eight chamber operas telling contemporary stories from Houston’s Asian communities.  In 2009 the program received the Leading Lights Diversity Award in Arts and Culture from the National MultiCultural Institute (NCMI).

HGO Guild
The Houston Grand Opera Guild was founded in October 1955 by Mr. and Mrs. William W. Bland, Mrs. Edger Haden, and Mrs. John L. Abercrombie, and has played an instrumental role in making Houston Grand Opera one of the premier opera companies in the world today. The mission of the HGO Guild, a non-profit organization with nearly 2,300 members, is to promote and support Houston Grand Opera in all its activities. The Guild’s core group of active volunteers perform roles such as backstage tours, hosting artists, giving educational talks, holding fundraising events, and operating the Guild Boutique. The HGO Guild is committed to fostering and encouraging an active, educated, and increasingly diverse audience to experience grand opera.

Throughout the year, the Guild offers a variety of educational activities introducing opera to students. Forty-five-minute presentations have been developed for over 15 operas and include video clips and background notes that help students understand the history surrounding the opera, the singers, composers, and librettos. Each year, Houston Grand Opera schedules performances specifically for students, which typically include High School Night and student matinees for younger students. By providing presentations for classes attending these operas, HGO Guild members help students increase their attention to and enjoyment of the opera. Other popular activities include panel discussions with distinguished speakers as well as awarding scholarships to young artists.

Each year the Guild honors volunteers who have made significant contributions to its programs as well as honoring non-members who have made singular contributions to the Guild or to the opera company itself. The HGO Guild Board of Directors oversees all Guild activities and manages its finances.

HGO’s first national tour took place in 1975, when the company traveled to the Kennedy Center to present Scott Joplin's Treemonisha, which was recorded by Deutsche Grammophon. This was quickly followed in 1976 by the national, Broadway, and European tour of HGO’s production of George Gershwin's Porgy and Bess. During the same year, while Porgy and Bess was playing on Broadway, HGO also presented a revival of another important American opera, John Philip Sousa's El Capitan, at the Kennedy Center.

The new staging of Porgy and Bess with the complete Gershwin score was artistically acclaimed. The reception helped to change public opinion about the work, which had never before been staged by an opera company. HGO’s production of Porgy and Bess was then recorded by RCA Records. HGO won a Tony Award for the Broadway performances and a Grammy Award for the recording.

Internationally, HGO has performed at the Edinburgh Festival and in Milan, Berlin, Cairo, Zurich, Genoa, and Palermo, and has traveled to Japan, Canada, and Israel. In September 2011, HGO presented six performances of Cruzar la Cara de la Luna/To Cross the Face of the Moon (José “Pepe” Martinez/Leonard Foglia) at Paris’s famed Théâtre du Châtelet. 

HGO is the only American opera company invited to perform twice at New York’s Lincoln Center Festival. In 1996 the company contributed its production of Virgil Thomson and Gertrude Stein’s Four Saints in Three Acts, conceived, designed and directed by Robert Wilson.  In 2014 HGO broughtThe Passenger, Mieczyslaw Weinberg’s uncompromising 1968 opera about the Holocaust, directed by David Pountney, to the Park Avenue Armory.

Wortham Theater Center
In 1987, HGO officially moved into its home at the Wortham Theater Center, a 437,500-square-foot facility featuring two theaters—the Alice and George Brown Theater and the Roy and Lillie Cullen Theater—which together contain over 3,300 seats. The $72 million state-of-the-art facility was built entirely with private funds during a major downturn in Houston’s economy and was given to the City of Houston, which owns and operates the facility through the Houston First Corporation. In 1997, improvements were made to the Wortham Center that included the addition of 180 seats in the main orchestra section and an expansion and reconfiguration of the orchestra pit. Further renovations resulting in a major expansion of the orchestra pit were completed in 2005.

The Genevieve P. Demme Archives and Resource Center
In 1989, Houston Grand Opera became the first performing arts organization in Houston and the second major U.S opera company to establish its own archives and resource center. The facility preserves valuable materials from throughout the company's history. The archive houses 3,500 linear feet of institutional records including programs, artist files, production records, audio and video recordings, financial records, and photographic images in a wide range of formats. The archives and resource center are named for the late Genevieve P. Demme, a longtime trustee and historian of Houston Grand Opera Association.



National MultiCultural Institute “Leading Lights” Award, 2009 for HGOco, Song of Houston

Emmy Awards
Hitting the High Cs, Marion Kessell and Rick Christie, 1998
Nixon in China, John Adams and Alice Goodman, 1987
Grammy Awards
Nixon in China, John Adams and Alice Goodman, 1987
Porgy and Bess, George Gershwin and DuBose Heyward, 1976
Tony Award
Porgy and Bess, George Gershwin and DuBose Heyward, 1976
Grand Prix du Disques
Porgy and Bess, George Gershwin and DuBose Heyward, 1976



HGO World Premieres through the 2015-16 Season

62              It's a Wonderful Life, Jake Heggie and Gene Scheer, December 2016 

61              After the Storm, David Hanlon and Stephanie Fleischmann, May 2016 (HGOco)

60              What Wings They Were: The Case of Emeline, John L. Cornelius II and Janine Joseph, April 2016 (HGOco)

59              Prince of Players, Carlisle Floyd, March 2016

58              The Puffed-Up Prima Donna, Mark Buller and Charles Anthony Silvestri, January 2016 (OTG)

57              O Columbia, Gregory Spears and Royce Vavrek, September 2015 (HGOco)

56              The Pastry Prince, Mark Buller and Charles Anthony Silvestri, 2015 (OTG) 

55              A Christmas Carol, Iain Bell and Simon Callow, 2014

54              River of Light, Jack Perla and Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni, 2014 (HGOco)

53              A Coffin in Egypt, Ricky Ian Gordon and Leonard Foglia, 2014

52              Bound, Huang Ruo and Bao-Long Chu, 2014 (HGOco)

51              Rapunzel, Mary Carol Warwick and Alvaro Saar Rios, 2014 (OTG)

50              The Memory Stone, Marty Regan and Kenny Fries, 2013 (HGOco)

49              Past the Checkpoints, David Hanlon and Joann Farías, 2013 (OTG)

48              From My Mother’s Mother, Jeeyoung Kim and Janine Joseph, 2012 (HGOco)

47              New Arrivals, John Glover and Catherine Filloux, 2012 (HGOco)

46              The Bricklayer, Gregory Spears and Farnoosh Moshiri, 2012 (HGOco)

45              The Clever Wife–a Chinese Folktale, Mary Carol Warwick and Hugh Behm-Steinberg, 2012 (OTG)

44              Pieces of 9/11, Jake Heggie and Gene Scheer, 2011 (HGOco)

43              Your Name Means the Sea, Franghiz Alizadeh, 2011 (HGOco)

42              Courtside, Jack Perla and Eugene Chan, 2011 (HGOco)

41              Cruzar la Cara de la Luna / To Cross the Face of the Moon, José “Pepe” Martinez and Leonard Foglia, 2010 (HGOco)

40              A Way Home, Ethan Frederick Greene and Irene Keliher, 2010 (HGOco)

39              Brief Encounter, André Previn and John Caird, 2009

38              Sleeping Beauty, Edward Charles Winkler, 2008 (OTG)

37              Last Acts (Three Decembers), Jake Heggie and Gene Scheer, 2008

36              The Refuge, Christopher Theofanidis and Leah Lax, 2007 (HGOco)

35              Send (who are you? I love you), Michael John LaChiusa, 2006

34              Strega Nona, Mary Carol Warwick and Mary Ann Pendino, 2006 (OTG)

33              Lysistrata, or the Nude Goddess, Mark Adamo, 2005

32              The Princess and the Pea, Mary Carol Warwick and Mary Ann Pendino, 2005 (OTG)

31              Salsipuedes, a tale of Love, War and Anchovies, Daniel Catán and Eliseo Alberto / Francisco Hinojosa, 2004

30              The End of the Affair, Jake Heggie and Heather McDonald, 2004

29              The Velveteen Rabbit, Mary Carol Warwick and Kate Pogue, 2004 (OTG)

28              The Little Prince, Rachel Portman and Nicholas Wright, 2003

27              Sibanda!, Michael Remson, 2003 (OTG)

26              The Emperor's New Clothes, Mary Carol Warwick and Kate Pogue, 2001 (OTG)

25              Cold Sassy Tree, Carlisle Floyd, 2000

24              Resurrection, Tod Machover and Laura Harrington with additional materials by Braham Murray, 1999

23              Little Women, Mark Adamo, 1998 (HGOS)

22              Cinderella in Spain/Cinderella en España, Mary Carol Warwick and Kate Pogue, 1998 (OTG)

21              Jackie O, Michael Daugherty and Wayne Koestenbaum, 1997 (HGOS)

20              Florencia en el Amazonas, Daniel Catán and Marcela Fuentes-Berain, 1996

19              The Tibetan Book of the Dead, a liberation through hearing, Ricky Ian Gordon and Jean-Claude van Itallie, 1996 (HGOS)

18              Puppy and the Big Guy, Sterling Tinsley and Kate Pogue, 1995 (OTG)

17              Harvey Milk, Stewart Wallace and Michael Korie, 1995

16              The Outcast (fully realized version), Noa Ain, 1994

15              The Dracula Diary, Robert Moran and James Skofield, 1994 (HGOS)

14              TEXAS!, Mary Carol Warwick and Kate Pogue, 1993 (OTG)

13              The Achilles Heel, Craig Bohmler and Mary Carol Warwick, 1993 (TOT)

12              Desert of Roses, Robert Moran and Michael John LaChiusa, 1992

11              ATLAS: an opera in three parts, Meredith Monk, 1991

10              The Passion of Jonathan Wade (new version), Carlisle Floyd, 1991

9                New Year, Sir Michael Tippett, 1989

8                Where's Dick?, Stewart Wallace and Michael Korie, 1989 (TOT)

7                The Making of the Representative for Planet 8, Philip Glass and Doris Lessing, 1988

6                Nixon in China, John Adams and Alice Goodman, 1987

5                A Quiet Place, Leonard Bernstein and Stephen Wadsworth, 1983

4                Starbird, Henry Mollicone and Kate Pogue, 1980 (TOT)

3                Willie Stark, Carlisle Floyd, 1981

2                Bilby's Doll, Carlisle Floyd, 1976

1                The Seagull, Thomas Pasatieri and Kenward Elmslie, 1974




HGO American Premieres through the 2015-16 Season

7                The Passenger, Mieczyslaw Weinberg, 2014

6                Akhnaten, Philip Glass, 1984

5                La donna del lago (new critical edition), Gioacchino Rossini, 1981

4                The Panther, Philip Glass, 1981 (HGOS)

3                Robinson Crusoé, Jacques Offenbach, 1977 (TOT)

2                Rinaldo (stage premiere), George Frideric Handel, 1975

1                Hugh the Drover, Ralph Vaughan Williams, 1973


OTG = work was premiered by Opera to Go!

TOT = work was premiered by Texas Opera Theater, HGO's former touring company

HGOco=work was premiered by HGOco

HGOS = work was premiered by Houston Grand Opera Studio





Audio Recordings

Gordon/Foglia: A Coffin in Egypt, Albany, 2014

Heggie/McNally: Dead Man Walking, EMI, 2012

Martinez/Foglia: Cruzar la Cara de la Luna/ To Cross the Face of the Moon, Albany, 2011

Previn/Caird: Brief Encounter, 2011

Heggie/Scheer: Three Decembers, Albany, 2009

Theofanidis/Lax: The Refuge, Albany, 2008

Floyd: Cold Sassy Tree, Albany, 2005

Floyd: Of Mice and Men, Albany, 2004

Catán/Fuentes-Berain: Florencia en el Amazonas, Albany, 2002

Machover/Harrington: Resurrection, Albany, 2002

Adamo: Little Women, Ondine, 2001

Daugherty/Koestenbaum: Jackie O, Argo/Decca, 1997

Sheng: Song of Majnun, Delos, 1997

Moran/Skofield: The Dracula Diary, Catalyst/BMG, 1994

Monk: ATLAS: an opera in three parts, ECM, 1992

Adams/Goodman: Nixon in China, Nonesuch, 1988

Joplin: Treemonisha, Deutsche Grammophon, 1982

Gershwin/Heyward: Porgy and Bess, RCA, 1976


Video Recordings

Adamo: Little Women, Naxos, DVD, 2010

Rossini: La Cenerentola, London/Decca,VHS and DVD, 1996

Joplin: Treemonisha, Kultur Video, VHS, 1982






In 1989, Houston Grand Opera established the Genevieve P. Demme Archives and Resource Center, named in honor of a longtime member of the board of trustees and historian of Houston Grand Opera Association. The facility preserves valuable materials from the company's history. The archive houses 3,500 linear feet of institutional records including programs, artists files, production records, audio and video recordings, financial records, and photographic images in a wide range of formats.

Houston Grand Opera Archives and Resource Center is an organizational archive. Public research is by appointment only. Some record series are restricted. For research requests or questions pertaining to Houston Grand Opera history, contact Archive Director Brian Mitchell at 713-228-0238 or bmitchell@hgo.org.