Board of Directors
  • Houston Grand Opera Board of Directors 2015 - 2016


    John Mendelsohn, M.D., Chairman of the Board

    James W. Crownover, Chairman-Elect of the Board

    Lynn Wyatt, Vice Chairman of the Board

    Beth Madison, Senior Chairman of the Board

    Glen A. Rosenbaum, Chairman Emeritus


    Members at Large

    Richard E. Agee

    Robin Angly, Development Committee Vice Chair

    John S. Arnoldy, Governance Committee Chair

    Marcia Backus

    Philip A. Bahr

    Michelle Beale

    Astley Blair, Audit Committee Chair

    Pat Breen

    Mrs. Robert J. Bruni, Special Events Committee Chair

    Martha Carnes

    Zane Carruth

    Anna Catalano

    Albert Chao

    Donna P. Josey Chapman

    N.A. (Neil) Chapman, Finance Committee Chair

    Mrs. Bobbie-Vee Cooney

    Albert O. Cornelison Jr.

    Dan Domeracki

    David B. Duthu

    Larry Faulkner, Development Committee Chair

    Dr. Ellen R. Gritz, Studio and Training Committee Vice Chair

    Robert C. Hunter

    Janet Langford Kelly, Houston Grand Opera Endowment, Inc. Chairman

    Alfred W. Lasher III

    Perryn Leech

    Richard A. Lydecker Jr., Finance Committee Vice Chair

    Frances Marzio, Studio and Training Committee Chair

    Brucie Moore

    Sara Morgan

    Terrylin G. Neale, Houston Grand Opera Endowment, Inc. Senior Chairman

    Franci Neely

    Ward Pennebaker, Marketing and Communications Committee Chair

    Cynthia Petrello, HGOco Committee Chair  

    Gloria M. Portela

    David Powell, Finance Committee Vice Chair

    Jack A. Roth, M.D.

    Mark R. Spradling - General Counsel and Secretary; Audit Committee Vice Chair

    Harlan C. Stai

    Patrick Summers

    Ignacio Torras

    John G. Turner, Studio and Training Committee Vice Chair

    Margaret Alkek Williams

    Frederica von Stade

    Samuel Ramey





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