The strength of Houston Grand Opera begins with its board of directors. We are constantly looking for new board members with passion, dedication, and strong leadership in the Houston community. One of the newest additions to the board, Richard Agee, is a wonderful example.

Richard and his wife, Judy, began attending HGO in 2001, and have been contributing to the company since 2007. They joined the Patrons Circle in 2010 and have been particularly devoted to the Concert of Arias. In June of this year, Richard joined both the HGO Board of Directors and the Founders Council for Artistic Excellence.

Richard is the founder and chairman of Wapiti Energy, LLC. He has more than forty-five years of engineering, management, and entrepreneurial experience in the domestic and international energy industry. In 1976, he joined Huffco Indonesia, Inc., and rose to become acting president of Huffco's effort to produce and transport liquefied natural gas. He co-founded MetFuel, Inc., in 1988 and founded Antara Resources in 1991.

He holds B.S. and M.S. degrees in petroleum engineering from the University of Wyoming, and now serves on the University of Wyoming Foundation Board. He is also a member of the North American Executive Board of the Sloan School at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (where he received an M.S. in management science), and the Christus Foundation for Healthcare in Houston. Richard is a highly accomplished entrepreneur, and we are thrilled that he is bringing his experience and talents to HGO.
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