• HGO World Premieres through the 2015-16 Season

    60              The Root of the Wind is Water (working title), David Hanlon and Stephanie Fleischmann, May 2016 (HGOco)

    59              Prince of Players, Carlisle Floyd, March 2016

    58              The Puffed-Up Prima Donna, Mark Buller and Charles Anthony Silvestri, January 2016 (OTG)

    57              O Columbia, Gregory Spears and Royce Vavrek, September 2015 (HGOco)

    56              The Pastry Prince, Mark Buller and Charles Anthony Silvestri, 2015 (OTG) 

    55              A Christmas Carol, Iain Bell and Simon Callow, 2014

    54              River of Light, Jack Perla and Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni, 2014 (HGOco)

    53              A Coffin in Egypt, Ricky Ian Gordon and Leonard Foglia, 2014

    52              Bound, Huang Ruo and Bao-Long Chu, 2014 (HGOco)

    51              Rapunzel, Mary Carol Warwick and Alvaro Saar Rios, 2014 (OTG)

    50              The Memory Stone, Marty Regan and Kenny Fries, 2013 (HGOco)

    49              Past the Checkpoints, David Hanlon and Joann Farías, 2013 (OTG)

    48              From My Mother's Mother, Jeeyoung Kim and Janine Joseph, 2012 (HGOco)

    47              New Arrivals, John Glover and Catherine Filloux, 2012 (HGOco)

    46              The Bricklayer, Gregory Spears and Farnoosh Moshiri, 2012 (HGOco)

    45              The Clever Wife-a Chinese Folktale, Mary Carol Warwick and Hugh Behm-Steinberg, 2012 (OTG)

    44              Pieces of 9/11, Jake Heggie and Gene Scheer, 2011 (HGOco)

    43              Your Name Means the Sea, Franghiz Alizadeh, 2011 (HGOco)

    42              Courtside, Jack Perla and Eugene Chan, 2011 (HGOco)

    41              Cruzar la Cara de la Luna / To Cross the Face of the Moon, José "Pepe" Martinez and Leonard Foglia, 2010 (HGOco)

    40              A Way Home, Ethan Frederick Greene and Irene Keliher, 2010 (HGOco)

    39              Brief Encounter, André Previn and John Caird, 2009

    38              Sleeping Beauty, Edward Charles Winkler, 2008 (OTG)

    37              Last Acts (Three Decembers), Jake Heggie and Gene Scheer, 2008

    36              The Refuge, Christopher Theofanidis and Leah Lax, 2007 (HGOco)

    35              Send (who are you? I love you), Michael John LaChiusa, 2006

    34              Strega Nona, Mary Carol Warwick and Mary Ann Pendino, 2006 (OTG)

    33              Lysistrata, or the Nude Goddess, Mark Adamo, 2005

    32              The Princess and the Pea, Mary Carol Warwick and Mary Ann Pendino, 2005 (OTG)

    31              Salsipuedes, a tale of Love, War and Anchovies, Daniel Catán and Eliseo Alberto / Francisco Hinojosa, 2004

    30              The End of the Affair, Jake Heggie and Heather McDonald, 2004

    29              The Velveteen Rabbit, Mary Carol Warwick and Kate Pogue, 2004 (OTG)

    28              The Little Prince, Rachel Portman and Nicholas Wright, 2003

    27              Sibanda!, Michael Remson, 2003 (OTG)

    26              The Emperor's New Clothes, Mary Carol Warwick and Kate Pogue, 2001 (OTG)

    25              Cold Sassy Tree, Carlisle Floyd, 2000

    24              Resurrection, Tod Machover and Laura Harrington with additional materials by Braham Murray, 1999

    23              Little Women, Mark Adamo, 1998 (HGOS)

    22              Cinderella in Spain/Cinderella en España, Mary Carol Warwick and Kate Pogue, 1998 (OTG)

    21              Jackie O, Michael Daugherty and Wayne Koestenbaum, 1997 (HGOS)

    20              Florencia en el Amazonas, Daniel Catán and Marcela Fuentes-Berain, 1996

    19              The Tibetan Book of the Dead, a liberation through hearing, Ricky Ian Gordon and Jean-Claude van Itallie, 1996 (HGOS)

    18              Puppy and the Big Guy, Sterling Tinsley and Kate Pogue, 1995 (OTG)

    17              Harvey Milk, Stewart Wallace and Michael Korie, 1995

    16              The Outcast (fully realized version), Noa Ain, 1994

    15              The Dracula Diary, Robert Moran and James Skofield, 1994 (HGOS)

    14              TEXAS!, Mary Carol Warwick and Kate Pogue, 1993 (OTG)

    13              The Achilles Heel, Craig Bohmler and Mary Carol Warwick, 1993 (TOT)

    12              Desert of Roses, Robert Moran and Michael John LaChiusa, 1992

    11              ATLAS: an opera in three parts, Meredith Monk, 1991

    10              The Passion of Jonathan Wade (new version), Carlisle Floyd, 1991

    9                New Year, Sir Michael Tippett, 1989

    8                Where's Dick?, Stewart Wallace and Michael Korie, 1989 (TOT)

    7                The Making of the Representative for Planet 8, Philip Glass and Doris Lessing, 1988

    6                Nixon in China, John Adams and Alice Goodman, 1987

    5                A Quiet Place, Leonard Bernstein and Stephen Wadsworth, 1983

    4                Starbird, Henry Mollicone and Kate Pogue, 1980 (TOT)

    3                Willie Stark, Carlisle Floyd, 1981

    2                Bilby's Doll, Carlisle Floyd, 1976

    1                The Seagull, Thomas Pasatieri and Kenward Elmslie, 1974




    HGO American Premieres through the 2015-16 Season

    7                The Passenger, Mieczyslaw Weinberg, 2014

    6                Akhnaten, Philip Glass, 1984

    5                La donna del lago (new critical edition), Gioacchino Rossini, 1981

    4                The Panther, Philip Glass, 1981 (HGOS)

    3                Robinson Crusoé, Jacques Offenbach, 1977 (TOT)

    2                Rinaldo (stage premiere), George Frideric Handel, 1975

    1                Hugh the Drover, Ralph Vaughan Williams, 1973


    OTG = work was premiered by Opera to Go!

    TOT = work was premiered by Texas Opera Theater, HGO's former touring company

    HGOco=work was premiered by HGOco

    HGOS = work was premiered by Houston Grand Opera Studio


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